Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Path Through the Trees 7

Anyone want some adorable silky chicks for 10 dollars? I've been selling them so if you want some tell me by commenting on this post and I'll see if we can get them to you.
Now, to poetry.... where was I, oh, Lydia's slimy weapons. Lets begin!

The Path Through the Trees
When Lydia looked to find
The Ajonnhe thief with'out pains
She chose pick the lock
Not randomly hack at chains
Quite soon Lydia realised,
The thief was not a feather,
So as to break her out,
The guard she had to tether.
When she made it to the camp,
She briefly became a nurse,
She left the slash alone,
As to not make it much worse.
I hope I've done okay this time. It passes, I think. Jane, randomly hacking chains is in now.

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