Thursday, 4 October 2018

Storm Wielder | A Project Update

Guys. September is gone. October is here. And guess what? NANOWRIMO IS NEXT MONTH. Thankfully, I decided to do a fair bit of planning over September as I have nooooo clue what October is going to look like, so I have a pretty rough idea of what I’m going to be doing with myself in November 2018.

After much freaking out and wondering what idea to go with, I settled on the story idea with the most pins on my Pinterest Board. (Shhhh, 252 pins is not an overkill.) And so, I shall present to you my dystopian fantasy, Storm Wielder.

The drought has lasted for thirty years now. Rain and storms alike have faded into being superstitious whispers that are spoken among those who lived through the War of Storms. But now, Ty Crace has heard rumours from one of his friends that there is still a way to break the drought. He must bring back the Storm Wielders…the ones who began the Wars with their dangerous magic that could control the Storms. A masked man by the name of Kaman had already begun the process of reforming the group, and in obtaining the magical element of the Storms that gave the people of the past their power. 

Not long after signing up, he finds out that something more personal to him is at stake. His brother is the leader of those keeping the Storm Wielders away, and according to his new Storm Wielder friends, is the reason that the world has fallen so far into ruin. 

But in the end, is the blood of family thick enough to override the water and electricity that runs in the veins of the Storm Wielders?

I’m going to have a fair bit of fun with this one, because it’s got magic, and action, and six major characters, as well as a lot of really nice family/friends sort of thing. I can’t wait to write it. In fact…there may or may not be a snippet to share already…

A flash illuminates the sleeping city roofs.  
I perch on the edge of the bridge, my toes curling around the handrail. Stars dot the sky in handfuls flung haphazardly over the sea of black. Street lights gleam with a sickly yellow that glints off the perfectly polished train tracks. My eyes follow the course—ever onward, ever straight. Ever stretching toward the mountains. The three pills dig into my palm as I clench my fist around them.  
Thunder growls from behind me. 
Now or never. I raise a trembling hand to my mouth and toss the pills into the back of my throat. They seem to get stuck there, burning in accusation. I force them down with a swallow. By drought, I hope you’re right Heather. I close my eyes and let myself fall as the storm hits. Wind slams against me and rain peppers my bare arms like the bullet showers of Zone Four. An unbearable heat burns in my chest and I gasp, my eyes flying open in time to see the flash of light around me, and to hear the crack of thunder that followed it within the second. 
Storm Wielders, here I come.

(from the POV of Ty)

What do you think, guys?? Is that a half decent premise for a story? (Closer to the date I'll go into more depth!)


  1. WOAH. You seriously have some of the COOLEST ideas for stories. I can't wait to see how this one plays out!!! :-D

    1. Yay! Thanks for that, MEM! And I can't wait eitherrrrrrrr. *glares at November to make it hurry up*

  2. Eeeeeee yas I love this so muuuuch!!!

    1. Same! Going to be so much fun this November!

  3. Yay, this is great and I can't wait to hear more!


    It sounds really cool, and having two brothers on opposite sides is quite fun *nods knowingly* I'm looking forward to hearing more!

    1. SOON. (Next one scheduled is on the week after next)

      Glad you're liking the sound of it and yassss, these brothers shall be awesome.