Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Sole of Inspiration


Okay, you would not believe this for what inspired me to make this form of inspiration.

On the bus, I was sitting there, calmly writing, and then I realsied it was Thursday. I was meant to be starting my bloggingness again. (That was totally a word.) So, I asked about for Inspiration, and a shoe was thrown at me by a “Random Weirdo” (Her words not mine). Inspiration literally struck me. And then it struck me again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Yep, five times. I was being attacked... by shoes.

I had no other choice. I had to devise a prompt about a shoe.

"A shoe? How is a shoe meant to help us rob one of the most secure places in the world?"
"You'll see. Just wait."

Well, anyone feeling as Inspired as I am? Or do I have to throw a shoe at you?

(Apologies guys for the lack of images! The computer thingamajig wasn't working and yeah. Maybe I'll fix it another time!)

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

#Voice of YA Tag


Wow, seems it has been quite a while since one of these thingies came up. And look! I’m doing it!

Okay, quick apology guys, I haven’t updated lately cos the computers are awful and not working. And even more so now. Hopefully, when school starts back up, I’ll be able to be a tad more regular.

As it is, I’m only able to make this post because I’m at my cousin (Jane’s) house, and am using one of their computers! Yay! So, without any further ado, may I present to you, the # Voices of YA Tag!!!

Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 5.07.57 PM.png

So yes. AGAIN, thanks to Jane, I am doing a tag. So, basically, she’s given me questions, and I have to answer them. And- *gasps* There are no rules… so, I don’t have to officially tag anyone! Yay! (I should seriously hunt down some bloggers, cos the only reason I don’t tag others is cos I know no one… meh!) So, here I go with these QUESTIONS!!!!

What draws you to YA?

Hm, well, I am a young adult, I guess. Although, technically I’m under 18, but hey! That still counts! I guess one of the main things that I enjoy about YA is that it is interesting. I do enjoy some adult books, mostly the non fiction or classical ones, and as for stuff for a younger audience… well, meh.

Describe your writing process. Do you like outlines and structure, or seeing where the story takes you?

My writing process? Oooh, wellllll…

I generally start by coming up with either a concept, a character, or a world, then I decide to make it into a story. This is often as far as my planning gets, but, every now and then it gets past the notebook and onto a spreadsheet…
Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 5.14.18 PM.png

I make character profiles.
Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 5.15.45 PM.png

I make character plots.
Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 5.16.05 PM.png

I come up with a rough outline of the story.
Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 5.16.49 PM.png

I then plot out each chapter.
Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 5.16.27 PM.png

Or, I wing it. That’s been one of the more common ones. xP

How long have you been writing? Where are you in your journey?

CHEAT!!! THAT’S 2 QUESTIONS!!! *Glares at Tag*

Erhm, anyways…

I reckon I would have started when I was about 7. I was writing a story about myself and two friends called the “Treacherous Trio” I have no recollection of what it was about, but I’m sure it was good. *Nods* Totally. I’ve been writing since then, getting better each time, and having ceremonial burnings of some of the more appalling works.

I am now doing MUCH better at writing, and thriving off Camp NaNo, if you aren’t doing Camp NaNo, you should start.

What do you need to write? Coffee? Music?

I need my imagination. I need hands. I need an idea. Music is good. Coffee is good. Chai tea is good. And some form of motivation is good. Oh, and every now and then a plot is helpful too.

If you could offer one piece of advice to another writer, (OTHER THAN "don't give up"), what would it be?

Um, “Be willing to totally ditch an idea and start on a new one. Oh, and please work on that touch typing! It’s so worth it in the end.” That’s good advice.

What book still has you reeling from its plot twist?

THE WARDEN AND THE WOLF KING!- Oh damn it, Jane beat me to it… um… *Scans bookshelf mentally* Well, probably that one still. And we’ll toss in the last book of A Series of Unfortunate Events, The End. It was totally unexpected. Which is saying something for such an insane series that one should be able to predict everything for. But that just threw me totally off, I mean, MY WHOLE VIEW OF THE SERIES IS A LIE!!!!!

What books are you most anticipating for this year?

Exiles, the next book of the Ilyon Chronicles. SOOO GOOD! (So far that is) I MUST READ THIS NEXT BOOK!!!!!!!!! WHO CARES THAT JANE HAS ALREADY SAID IT!!!

And, hmm, probably the 2nd book of the Kinsman Chronicles, which, I know is out, but I can’t seem to be able to get my hands on it yet.  AND I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!

In your opinion, which YA book/series has the most unique premise?

Um, probably The out of Time Trilogy. THe concept is cool. Very cool. Like, Clocks, Radicles, allll that stuff. Very. Cool.

And, well, let’s go for The Picture of Dorian Gray. That was cool. Confusing, but cool.

What is your all-time favourite quote from YA?


Erhem, okay, probably… *sits here for an hour trying to decide* Um.. Well, this one is cool. From the Book Thief.
“A last note from your narrator
I am haunted by humans.”

Okay. That passes as cool. Yes? *Glares around to make sure no one disagrees.*

What book do you most hope will have a movie adaptation?

AUGH NO! NONONONONONO. Oh, like, a good and accurate movie adaption? One that has not been slaughtered? Okay then, weeeeell:

The Merlin Spiral. That was cool. And would be able to make a cool movie. Uh, 3 movies. : D

So, I reckon that passes as a blog post, who’da thought it? Well, I now offer this tag to you, dear reader of the Inspiration Blog. Take it if you wish. But don’t stress. Feel free to save it for that week you don’t have any post ready. Just answer the questions.