Friday, 1 July 2016

The Epic Tag of Epic Lateness

Well... if you haven't guessed, I've been tagged, a lot.
1. Post the picture
2. Thank the blogger who tagged you
3. List your top ten favorite villains and why you chose them
(they can be from movies or books)
4. Tag ten other bloggers.Do whatever!
5.Give seven fun facts about yourself, and then give this tag to fifteen other great blogs.
6. No tag backs allowed

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Thanks Jane + Clare!
OK, and fulfill all the other stuff...  Generally you have to answer the questions, so here they are!

1. January Garnet: Name a character you think is evil/dark.
Um a villain. Uh, in January I re-read the Silmarillion and it had Melkor, he was bad.

2. February Amethyst: Name a book you think of as regal.
The Fellowship of the Ring. Elves, lost kings, priceless treasures... so good.

3. March Aquamarine: Name a character that you think of as weak, or more of a follower.
Hmm, hard. Maybe (going via my Tolkien theme) Mim. From The Children of Hurin. Not mad on leading, didn't do too well

4. April Diamond: Name a book you love, but isn't very well known.
Hmm, uh, um. I guess everything Tolkien wrote is too famous, even the cryptic ones. Sigh, ok, uh, Swallows and Amozons. Great book,  old, but great.

5. May Emerald: Name two characters that balance each other out well.
Ah ha! Frodo and Sam. Neither would manage without the other.

6. June Pearl: Name a character who is loyal.
I repeat SAM!!!!!!!!!! Most loyal character on this, uh, not this earth.

7. July Ruby: Name a book that aggravates you/makes your blood boil.
VOICE IN THE WIND!!!! I hated the ending, how Hadasah, uh, never mind.

8. August Peridot: Name a supporting character you preferred to the main character.
Anyone from Harry Potter who isn't Harry. Terrible main character, terrible.

9. September Sapphire: Name a book you found to be calming.
Tuck Everlasting. Philosophy and calm beauty.

10. October Opal: Name a book with a pretty cover.
Um, can someone define this strange term? Uh, well, um, my Bible! Plain with a gold cross, very pretty!

11. November Topaz: Name a book with a resilient protagonist.
The Silmarillion, Beren. He was very resilient!

12. December Blue Zicron: Name a fictional friendship you would love to be a part of.
Come on! Anything to do with elves! I'm learning QUENYA!!!

13. Ton Ten Villains

a) Melkor from Silmarillion. Evil. Destroyer of everything!
b) Sauron from LotR. Look at what he did to Middle Earth! Poor Gollum!
c)Miraz from Prince Caspian. Evil guy.
d)Zavak from The Hunters. Hate him epically. PIRATE!!
e)Morgarath from The Tournament of Gorlan.  Dislike, immensely. 
f)Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. Worse than You Know Who!
g)Oh, Artimus Fowl, he is an interesting villain. 
h) My cousin, and well, Jane's readable on this blog so...?
i) Current Lydia Keramed who is beginning to aggravate me in her annoying ways.
j) Bellatrix Lestange.  *shudders*

14. 7 fun fact about yourself.
a) I am an elf
b) I hate coriander
c)I have a friend who I have talked to more over email  than face-to-face.
d) I love reading.
e) I love writing.
f) I'm claustrophobic.
h) I don't follow tags'rules.

Phew, and I'm done. I tag Clare, Jane, an hey! Rudhon! When you make your blog... consider yourself tagged!
Anyone who wants to complete this... tag, go ahead!
So, it is now done. Good luck Cendar ar Eldar!