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7-7-7 Tag | Flightless

No, I am not dead. I was so good and did two posts earlier and was a good girl, then missed one, but hey. I can blame Jane for that, as well as thanking her for this tag!

Basically, last week, our mini, ‘Writing Retreat’ was held at her place, not mine, so lots of words were written! Yay! (Although, we normally write fairly well here too…) Over the course of five or so days, I managed to add another 20882 words to my novel. (10K was in a day, so yay! I can tick that off the July list.) But, no blog post. :(

But hey! The stats are looking awesome! *cheers for my Cabin* Keep it up guys!

However, now I am back and shall be presenting a tag to you. I haven’t done one of these since last September, so, I guess it is high time I did one. Here we go. Thank you Jane for tagging me with the 7-7-7 Tag! (And for a bit under a week of word wars.)

It seems fairly simple, and gives me an excuse to have yet another post on Flightless. (You can find more about Flightless here and here.) Basically, I have to go to the seventh page of my WIP, count down seven lines, and then share the next seven paragraphs from there with you guys.

This lovely snippet is from where two of my three main characters meet. And, you know, first impressions are overrated anyway. :P It’s from the POV of Caution when she first meets Glayde.


A shadow moves on my right and I lurch to the side, falling against a stall. My heart thuds in my chest as I scan about. I’m sure…I’m certain something moved. The quiet sound of animals breathing is all I can hear when straining my ears. An assassin? Could someone have come to kill father? Or me? I bite my bottom lip, trying to even my breathing out. No one knows yet. The missive will take at least three days of hard riding to get to Ahlonae. I can still race it. Three days for the message to get there, and three days for the reply to get back. I can’t be too late.

My hands pressed against the smooth wood of the wall, I push myself up. No one in sight. The shadow must have been a trick of the moon light. I let a shaky breath out and continue forward, peering into each enclosure as I go. Where are you Farlen? I squint into another dimly lit stall, sighing at the sight of a dapple grey. I suppose any horse would do really. But then that would be steali—

My wrist is seized by a hand and before I can scream, my body swings in an arc over a shadowy figure’s head and into a pile of hay. I choke as a cloud of dust rises and try to yank my arm out of my attacker's grasp, my shoulder throbbing. “I order you to release me!” I hiss as another arm falls over my neck, pressing down, “By the order of her royal highness Princess Caution of Corohan, let me—” I cough as the pressure gets heavier. Blood roars in my ears and dots swim over my vision. What am I thinking? An assassin isn’t going to release me because I’m the princess. I slap at the arm, scratching and shoving against it. I’m going to die. The thought seems dim as my strength weakens.

Suddenly the pressure vanishes and I suck in a gasping breath, rolling away. I lie there, coughing and massaging my throat. A thudding sound comes from beside me and I look up into vividly blue eyes. I open my mouth to say something, then break off coughing again. But that face. It looks so…worried? Surely it wasn’t him who attacked me. A hand touches my shoulder, then the touch turns into a slight pat. I continue coughing.

A shiver runs through me and tears stream from my eyes as I huddle on the ground, reality beginning to sink in. I nearly died. Died. I could’ve been killed. A skin of water is slipped into one of my hands and I fumble at the stopper. The gentle hand from before, so different from the one strangling me, removes it, curling his fist over the piece of wood. I nod gratefully, still half choking as I raise it to my lips, letting the water trickle into my throat. Not that I overly care whether it’s water or poison. As long as it means I can breathe. Because coughing to death is not how I want to die.

The choking subsides and I swipe at the tears on my face. I’m alive. I’m alive. But I nearly died after being out for less than an hour. A trickle of doubt pushes its way into my mind and I grimace. Maybe I’m not cut out for this. Who am I kidding? I’ve only just come of age.

“Thank you,” I murmur to my attacker, and rescuer, “I’m good now.” I look up and start backward. No one’s there. Again. Quiet attacker. Maybe he is an assassin. Glancing around, I relax as I make out the rather small figure, leading a horse toward me. Farlen.


Yeeeeup. That is how they met. Not a particularly good meeting if they’re meant to work together for an entire book, but hey! They mostly manage to cope with each other. Mostly. (Mwhahaha)

Well, now what? All of the people I know have probably already had this tag, so I won’t re-tag you. Instead, aaaaaaaaaanyone who wants to can do this awesome tag. I mean, snippets! Who doesn’t love snippets?

How do your characters tend to meet? Are you enjoying Camp NaNo?

Saturday, 30 June 2018

The World of Caldor | A Project Update

Apparently last week I said I’d do some world building this week. Well, thanks to that, I actually had to do some seeing that I said I’d tell you about it today!

In my Camp NaNo Project, Flightless, the world is actually somewhat important to the general plot line. *gasps*  Mostly seeing that the whole issue is entirely political. (The two countries don’t get along, and neither do their guardians/protectors.) It is also the first fantasy world that I’ve made with logical geography. *grimaces at the memories of my previous attempts* So, may I now present to you, the land of Caldor!!!

The World of Flightless:

Caldor is actually a fairly large world, but I’ve only mapped out a little snippet, and the story doesn’t even use up half of that snippet. (Excluding right at the end where it goes off the drawn map, but y’know.) Don’t worry though, all that I’ve drawn does play a role, (people from different places and produce and assassins and things like that) so hopefully it isn’t just a waste of paper.

The Map:

Heeeeeere’s the map I’ve drawn! (Almost the entire story takes place on the Northern end of the Salt Melt River.)


This is where Caution comes from. The people on this side of the kingdom are protected by the great dragons. (Or at least, that’s what the legends say) And seeing that dragons do seem to come into it a fair bit, I think those legends were fairly accurate.

The Royal Family is designated by birth, and they are very traditional. The origin of the family stretches back to way before the story begins, when Corohan, a dragon, blessed a man with intentions that were for the good of the kingdom with a magical gift to be able to heal. The land flourished under his rule, and since then, whenever a new member was crowned, they too could petition for a gift.

Somewhere along the line, the royal family started to gain gifts before they held the throne. They also chose the name themselves after different virtues as a reminder of who they needed to be in order for the country to thrive.

And that brings us to the current royal family of Corohan!

King - Sagacious

His magical gift is that he can control the tides. This has made sea attacks virtually impossible, and has made trading smooth and the fishing industry is doing very well.

His blessing it that he has the ability to silence words. This makes him quite an adapt diplomat as he can ensure that he gets his say, and can stop rumours very adequately.

Queen - Humility / Eloise (Married and had name changed)

She has no fancy magical gifts seeing that she is neither ruling, or part of the bloodline. Marrying in does not score her a magical gift. *pats her* And her husband picked out her name.

Crown Princess - Caution

Our main character! Her gift is that she can grown wings and fly. This has also meant that she has become quite good at sewing and altering her clothes to account for the wings.

Prince - Courage

His gift is that he can make things glow. Or just project light. This comes in handy during the book, even though he’s somewhat jealous of his older sister’s wings.

And now onto Ahlonae:

I have baaaaasically nothing. *hides* I’ll do my best though.

They have the Etani as their equivalent to the dragons. They’re basically these big bear things that can move with decent speed and are known to grant wishes.

The Royal family? Uh, I have a bit seeing that they do come into the story.

King Jaseph is the king. *coughs awkwardly* Moving on…

Tane is his youngest son. He’s betrothed to Caution. He has elder siblings. I just don’t know them.

*runs away from my shameful lack of worldbuilding*

Anyone else? Who else has only built half of their world with only a few hours left???

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Flightless | A Project Update

June just vanished. Very very quickly. And after June comes July. And last I checked, that meant Camp NaNo. So I figured that it was high time for me to give you an update of what on earth is happening in this head of mine.

Last you heard of my projects, I was writing a dystopian novel called Eyes of the Future, and I’m happy to say that that went well, but I’m leaving it to rest for now before looking back and seeing what may happen regarding edits and revisions and so forth.

Now comes the time for a new fantasy novel called…*drumroll* Flightless!

I completely forgot about Camp until nearly two weeks into June and ugh. That gave me a moment of terror as NOTHING had been planned. Zilch. After a fair bit of Pinterest scanning and scrolling through random ideas I’ve had in the past, I threw together something that vaguely resembled a story. Baaasically it is about a princess who has wings and is escaping an arranged marriage, an ex-prisoner dude who has decided to become her bodyguard, a rather bizarre girl who can turn into a dragon, and an assassination plot. (Shhh, that’s definitely a storyline and an actual idea. :P)

Back of Book Blurb:

Forced into an arranged marriage with a stranger from another country, Caution flees the palace to deal with the conflict between the two nations herself, her only companion being a silent stablehand who served under her father. Ancient legends spoke of a dragon who would assist those with a noble heart that strove for the good of the kingdom, and Caution intended to find them to aid her in her quest. 

Upon neither the dragon nor her companion being what they seemed, and another more sinister plot being revealed, her plans are thrown into the wind, leaving her wondering if she should have just accepted the marriage.

But how do you know if you can fly unless you first fall?

Le Cover:

Another fun thing it that I have designed a mock cover! *happy claps* I’m quite proud of it actually, even if it is quite a simple drawing. (Cover was drawn, the bookiness and title was computer generated.)

Characters, Collages, Snippets and Wonderful Things: 

Now, as I said before, a lot of my inspiration for this idea came from old snippets and half written things that I had lying around, some of which I may have posted parts of on here previously. But yesss, I figured I may as well let you all see a few of the sparks that brought this story into being.
HEADS UP: The snippets attached for were written prior to me actually working anything out, so their personalities may have changed. A lot. *cough* Caution *cough*

Caution: The main character! (Yay!) She came into existence during a word war. Basically, a friend asked to war with me, I said yes, and then realised I wasn’t working on anything, sooooo, I made it up. She’s a runaway princess from a family who all have slightly weird magical quirks. (not to mention the weird names.) Her ‘gift’ happens to be that she can grow wings. She’s very adventurous, but not super talented in anything aside from diplomacy as that’s all she was trained in.

I’m sure when people say “Throwing caution into the wind” they don’t mean literally. But trust me, my brother threw me into the wind.

Off a cliff to be precise.

Some people have told me in the past that my name was pretty cool, and a reminder. “Caution.” I still wonder what on earth my parents were thinking when they called me that. All it really resulted in was bearing the brunt of the jokes among the locals. ‘Proceed with Caution’ ‘Acting with Caution’ and ‘Throwing Caution into the wind.’

The last one no one had ever acted on until very recently. And now, looking back, I suppose Reckless (an equally unfortunate name) did know what he was doing, not just being reckless. After all, had I not been thrown off that cliff, I never would have known I could fly. Yes. Flying. Lots more fun now than it was then. Having had never have been an adventurous person, as my name sadly suggests, I had never been in a life threatening situation where sprouting wings would become really handy.

Anyways, the technicalities behind growing wings is always a pretty boring topic in and of itself, despite its rarity. So, let’s leave that conversation behind and actually discuss the whole purpose behind me manipulating you, dear reader, into reading this book.

My name is Caution. Join me in the wind and listen to my story.

Glayde: A very quiet character…in fact, he can’t speak, so, extra quiet. He was accused of trying to steal something precious to the royal family and was locked in the dungeons for a few years until they eventually let him make his case. He was found innocent, and pretty mad at the royal family. The King placed a spell on him so that he wouldn’t be able to speak and then hired him as a stablehand so that he could make sure that the story never got out.

I trusted you.

You shouldn’t have trusted me. I’m sorry.

I allow my eyes to close and clench the jagged stone tightly. At least something is still here. Pain is real. My eyes open and my gaze slides to where the stack of fresh parchment and a writing stick sit. I can still tell them my story. There is hope, even though I cannot speak.

I can still have freedom inside this cell.

My trembling hands drift over to the precious materials that I am to write my ‘crimes’ that I had committed. Once, I would have relished access to such rare items, but now I just wished they had left me able to speak. I shake my head and pull the pile of paper towards me. I can’t be healed, but maybe, just maybe, I can be freed. The blunt tip of the charcoal quivers above the pale sheet. How am I meant to begin this? With a plea? An explanation? My shoulders move back and I clench my jaw. No. I lower the stick and the sound of scratching breaks the silence that has lain over this cell for too long.

I am Glayde—the falsely accused and wrongfully silenced.

Suitini: She’s a sarcastic, grouchy teenage girl who can turn into a dragon, and has recently been promoted to “Dragon of Guidance” which means that she helps anyone who is embarking on a quest for the good of the kingdom. However, she’s extremely selfish and tends to only think about the payment. Throughout the story, she has to put up with the fact that she has to help humans and actually ends up growing somewhat attached to them.

“Basic etiquette when working with humans. Rule number one: Do not growl.” A low growl escapes my throat as I toss the book to the far corner of the room where it lands with a heavy thud. Who are they kidding? I’m not taking this job so that I can put up with a whiny human’s ‘noble wishes for the Kingdom’ with the heart of a saint. I can growl all I want. If they want a dragon’s help, then that’s what they get. I drag a hand through my shortly chopped hair and push myself to my feet, my eyes settling on the gleaming armour on the other side of the room. Well, kind of a dragon.

Minutes later see me at the training post, my dull practise sword slicing through the air and thudding into the leather-wrapped post. Why did Harani have to insist I learn to fight like this? Seems impractical. The sword bounced off the post, clumsily trying to escape my grasp. Claws are better. Always the best. I stab the blade point down into the ground, frowning as the dirt broke apart in chunks.

After all, who would want to be a human when you can be a dragon?

Sounds like I’ve got this all sorted, right? :P All I can say is that this is sure to be an awesome Camp, playing about with some interesting characters and some fun ideas…not to mention all of the crazy fight and flight scenes that are almost certain to happen. Hopefully I’ll get some world building done over the next week so that you can find out more about my oh-so-mysterious ‘kingdom’ that I keep mentioning… and the royal family and the countries and the—well…you get the picture. :P

What about you? What are you writing about for Camp NaNo? Anyone else doing fantasy?

Friday, 25 May 2018

Constant Changes

Things in our lives change. Sometimes for something that is obviously good, and other times, for things that seem pretty terrible. Recently, I've been noticing a lot of changes going on around me. 

Some of them are fairly little, like how our Autumn leaves are turning and looking absolutely gorgeous. Others are slightly larger, like friends undergoing loss and hardship. 

It's been making me think more about how we are in an ever-morphing world with countless inconsistencies. We're a creation of God that is always doing things and changing our minds. 

I used to hate change. If there was a bale of hay in the garden, then it had to stay there. It couldn't get spread out into mulch. My friends weren't allowed to change their minds about anything. I could throw away old clothes and get new ones. Things had to stay the same. Even up until a little while ago I felt this way. Not that extremely, but the dislike of change was still there. 

Particularly in the light of some of the things that are going on for me right now, James 1:2-4:

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

Often I forget that as the leaves of my world are turning into red flame that it is necessary for the tree to lose the leaves of one year before coming back more alive the next. God has promised that the changes and the trials are happening for good, and I really pray that we can remember to see it that way. 

This is a song that I feel really reflects this. 

What do you guys think about changes? I'm happy to talk!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

A Camp NaNo Post


Is it just me, or did Camp NaNo totally sneak up on us this year?

Anyways, despite it coming really suddenly, I’ve been kinda keeping up with my goals so far, and it has been super fun to write!

This will be a reasonably shot post seeing that I’ll have to keep writing, so I had better get started.

What is It?

So, for this Camp NaNo, I am in the awesome cabin of The Fellowship of the Keyboards and we have been talking about all sorts of things since…well, long before April.

I’m working on my rewrite of the Survivor Trilogy and am turning it into ONE BOOK as I said back in January called Eyes of the Future. 

Long Back of Book Blurb/ Short Synopsis Without Spoilers

In a world where science reigns, and the society relies on the advancement of human abilities in order to keep moving forwards, genetic modification turns into a political war. People are taken in as ‘Experiments’ and are used to test new ways to advance society. Failed Experiments are treated as creatures less than humans and are cast out from society.

It has been five years since Michael Rentson used the new discovery of teleportation to lead an army across the entire world and conquering it under his reign. The increased security and seemingly magical technology tames the world who are all ready to listen to their new leader whose first action is to legalise the use of Experiments.

One Experiment is slightly unusual. Connor Daleson is the son of one of the world’s leading scientists, Regina Daleson who had accidentally turned her other son into a failed Experiment and left him mindless. The grief-ridden woman spends all of her waking hours trying to find a way to fix her eldest son…or replace him.

Connor spends his days in military training, and making sure that no one finds out his secret of being an Experiment. Upon returning home one day, his mother injects him with a fluid that altered his atoms so that he could travel through the dimensions.

Being chased by Rentson’s men who want his blood and therefore the ability to conquer all of the dimensions, Connor and his sister Laura join with a young Experiment girl called Ashley to protect the dimensions, and to find the truth of the price of human freedom.

A Pretty Collage

Stats Graph

I’ve only just been keeping up at the moment, going over or under each day by about 100 words (sometimes more). Unfortunately I have been falling behind a bit. D: But woot! Look at our cabin! Good job guys!

Some fun Camp NaNo Stats for my first twelve days…

First Line: I have to trust him.

Most Words Written in a Day: 3 147

Words Written: 15 008

Number of Word Wars: 18

Earliest Woken to Write: 4:30 am

Cups of Chai: 37

Most Insane Story Research: Food of the Future

Last Line: “Well, I don’t like ducks then.”

A Snippet

This one is the end of my prologue from the POV of smol Ryan Sands. (Apologies for the first-draftiness.)

I force my gaze past the woman to the figure slumped on the chair. Sandy hair, tanned skin, and beneath the tightly shut eyelids, there would have been dark brown eyes that had held more compassion than what I had ever seen before in my life. I stumble a step away from the sight, bile rising in my mouth as his words return to echo in my mind:

“Not anymore. I can stop her now. Daleson isn’t completely heartless.” 

I squeeze my eyes shut and force myself to sit down, my back pressing against the cool of the wall. Breaths saw through my chest and my heart thuds deafeningly in my ears. The woman in the room had her back facing me, but I still can tell who it was. Calm blue eyes, hands with no hint of the calluses that come from hard and honest work, and a permanently dazed look of one who has more intelligence than compassion.

My eyelids slip open and I raise my wrist in front of my eyes to see the red words etched there permanently. All that is left of me according to any of the normal humans.

Daleson Experiment: 2

I hunch over my knees as the yelling starts as Dan’s siblings must have found him. The sound of breaking people sweeps over me. I turn my head to look at the slightly reflective metal behind me where the pain is coming from and blink back tears as the image of a pale faced teenage boy with irises that matched his skin blurs.

If I am Irene Daleson’s second Experiment, then was her son the first?

Well, there’s a bit about my story. What about you guys? Anything interesting there? Enjoying Camp so far? I love to chat!

Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Power of Easter


It is the 29th of March here in Australia. And that means that all of the people are frantically buying all of the food they will be needing before the shops close tomorrow for Good Friday. The front page of the newspaper is of on of the school’s Easter Hat Parades and the teachers have been giving out chocolate Easter eggs. I’ve sat next to a kindergarten kid on the bus who was happily telling me all about how the Easter Bunny was going to come to his house on Sunday and his dad had set a rabbit trap to try and catch him.

Admittedly, I felt a tad sorry for the poor bunny seeing that those traps are pretty brutal…

But yes. I felt like telling you guys a bit about Easter seeing that our lives tend to keep on moving and being pretty chaotic around this time.

Last weekend, my parents and some of our friends ran a retreat that focused on reflection and just spending time with God before Easter. We’ve started up a Retreat Center and are hoping that more and more people will be able to develop a personal relationship with God.

But this particular retreat was focused on just stopping. Just stopping and leaving our busy life and spending time with God. Not listening to talks, but just reading God’s Word and listening to Him.





It wasn’t about analysing the stories that we have read countless times and feel like we can recite. It was about looking into what God was saying and just stopping to appreciate how enormous He is. To catch a glimpse of his love in our world which is generally pretty dark.

Back around December I did a post on the meaning of Christmas. At Christmas time we think about the Light of the God coming into the Darkness of the World. Over Jesus’s life, there was light in the world. There was healing there was love. When Jesus died, the world fell into literal darkness. Can I just say that that would freak me out. Just being in the area and suddenly it goes dark.

For a long time.

And for a fair reason. The Son of God was dead. Not unconscious, but dead and with His Father turning away from Him. Jesus who had been with God forever was now forsaken. His weight suspended on nails that pierced through his nerve-filled hands and feet. The weight of all of humanity’s sin pushing down on Him.

And the agony of God turning away from Him.

So often, I find that we dismiss this. We know how horrible it is and how much it is meant to affect us, but we’ve just heard it so many times that it has become pretty normal. We understand and we may wince when we hear the story, but do you feel that ache inside of you that is both horrified and saying, ‘Thank you Jesus. Thank you’?

Sit back and reflect on His sacrifice this Easter. Place yourself at the foot of His cross, listening to His last cry. Allow yourself to feel the agony of the loss of Jesus and feel the terror of the darkness that we are in without Him.

Let yourself not rush through this Easter, just trying to get through the day. Instead sit back and think about Him and talk to Him. Jesus loves you, and He has died and been raised to show the Father’s Glory that we may have life.

Don’t forget the amazing meaning of Easter this year, after all, we have more than one day to think about it.

Here is a song to think about as you go on with your life this Easter.

Enjoy Easter and think and reflect upon it this year!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

How to Procrastinate from Plotting


Yes, you read that title right. I have been procrastinating from plotting for Camp NaNoWriMo. Why? No clue. But today I plan to try my absolute hardest at helping you procrastinate like a professional during this time that you should prooooobably plotting for Camp.

You are probably feeling pretty overwhelmed by this insanely crazy task, but I promise you, I can teach you how to procrastinate with a few simple steps and tricks. Thank me later. For now I must write this post for you!

As I have said, there are a few simple steps to being able to master this brilliant technique, and I will list them here for you…complete with instructions. Well, enough rambling from me…Onward to the Six Steps to Procrastination.

1. Starting Another WIP.

Yep. I know. Pretty insane huh? But trust me, it is doable.
Imagine this: When you sit down to do that plotting you’ve been meaning to finish off, you just happen to see that document with only 2000 precious words on it, sitting there, so lonely. So, you go over and write on it. Little by little, that tiny document has…Uh…8000 words. *coughs awkwardly* ANYWAYS. This is an ideal way to put off doing that scheduled in plotting.

*drops in a snippet*


“Hi Leo.” I sucked in a shuddering breath and craned my neck to look up at him as his eyebrows shot into his bleach white hair.

“Who mugged you and left you to die?” I grimaced at his slightly narrowed eyes and he dropped the book that rested loosely in his hand down on a small table and waved me inside.

I rubbed a hand over my neck. “Random bus driver.” I let my school books fall next to the novel. “According to Ethan, I was hit by a bus.”

Leo turned to stare at me again, his eyes trailing up and down my body. After a few moments he nodded and started walking away toward the kitchen, “That’s basically what it looks like. Minus the whole side-effect of being dead.”

I staggered after him into the room, and dimly noticed that is was lit only by the thin bit of light that trickled through the blinds above the perfectly clean and gleaming sink. Ignoring me, he stooped down to pull a small pot out of a cupboard, then poured milk into it—setting it down on the gas-top stove. I rolled my stiff shoulders slightly and stumbled towards a couch.

“If you get blood on my furniture…not even being immortal is going to save you.” My limbs stiffened Leo’s words and I straightened slowly, every muscle protesting at the movement.

“Sure thing.” I replied, my voice thick, and leant my good shoulder against the wall. “I’d never get blood on your stuff.” Some friend you are. 

Leo snorted slightly as he dropped half a block of dark chocolate into the pot. “Yeah right.”


2. Creating a Playlist for New WIP

One rule for this: It has to be epic. So, you can’t just toss in a few songs that you think are good, you need to go all out and put in only the best. You need to listen to at least 4 hours worth of music to find the ones that suit your distracting WIP the best. Then you need to order them so that they will flow on from one another.

Trust me. This will take up a lot of time, and then you can have a cool soundtrack while you are doing all of these other forms of procrastination. *nods wisely* This is very important.

3. Creating Character Collages for New WIP. 

Yup. Collages are procrastination’s best friend. Such a close friend that even random people on the bus seem to recognise it when you’re sitting there, happily making collages of these awesome characters. And it is so much fuuuuun. You end up with a pile of pretty collages at the end to look at and feel all of them happy feels about for your precious characters. *hugs all of the character collages*

4. School Work…Writing Ideally

If you are a sensible writer, and happen to be in year 11 or 12 at school, you almost certainly have one or two writing projects to be doing.

Do them.

Then you can use the excuse when Camp NaNo comes around that you were frantically doing school work, even if in reality you were just writing 8 different short stories and then choosing between them as to which one to submit as your final task. So there you go!

5. Repeat 2 & 3 but for Your Actual WIP for Camp

Time to make more playlists and aesthetic collages, but this time for your actual WIP that you’re meant to be plotting! This is pretty close to actually doing your WIP, so, this may help ease you of that guilty concious thing that comes from deliberately avoiding something you planned to have done.

6. Master the Perfect Chai Recipe 

You heard me. You are going to become the best at making chai tea. By the end of March, you should have worked out the exact amount of each spice you need to add the the Twinings tea to make it absolutely spectacular. You may even find that you have spent an hour of your Saturday carefully measuring out spices and taking notes.

Let me encourage you in this…You will succeed. It may take 48 hours of your life, but if you keep persistingnot only have you successfully procrastinatedbut you have also made the best chai you will ever have.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say on the art of procrastination, and I shall now leave you with your prompt and be on my way.

Anyone else hyped for Camp? Do you have any favorite forms of procrastination? And do you have any tips for getting that cup of chai just right? Tell me!