Thursday, 10 January 2019

Tag: The Liebster Award

We've finished our first week of January, and I haven't quite melted from the sun. As is, my fingers still seem to be working well enough to do a blog post, even if it isn't highly imaginative. (Although, looking a bit closer, it seems to be.)

I've been tagged with the Liebster Award tag, which pretty much means that I have been given a bunch of questions to answer, then to tag other people. Many thanks to Aberdeen the Authorosaurus (and Mariposa) for tagging me with this, and I shall give it a shot! I'm pretty sure I did this a while back, but they were very different questions then opposed to now, so it shall be interesting.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the blog that nominated you for the award.
  2. Answer the questions they gave you.
  3. Give 11 fun facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award and give them 11 questions to answer.

  1. What tune would you hate to get stuck in your head? (yes, you’re welcome for getting it stuck in your head now)

    Hmm, I constantly have music going on in my head, so I'd say the most annoying tunes to get stuck in my head are the ones that I can't identify. *nodnod* Or only know part of. Both are pretty bad.

  2. If you were a dinosaur, what species would you be and why?

    Gosh. Have an Australian Dinosaur. Muttaburrassaurus. Why? Because...I am Australian, and there is something like 5 that I could be, and that is the most prominent, so, I suppose that makes it a 4/10 chance?

  3. What is your favourite book in a genre you don’t normally read?

    Hmmm, probably In 27 Days by Alison Gervais. It's a book of mixed recommendations, but I really enjoyed it, despite it being VERY different to usual. Like...Contemporary supernatural romance? Anyone else who's read it, what genre would you say it is?

  4. What is the first thing you saw this morning?

    The ceiling. Prior to the sun being anywhere near the horizon. Sooo, something like this:

  5. If you could make up a dinosaur species, what would it be called and what would it look like?

    This is a really hard question.

    How about I create a dinosaur that's primary function is to write? It has one claw thingo larger than the others, and it excretes something kinda inky. This creature is horrible at defending itself, but has a great imagination, and is highly coordinated. Its skin also sheds as large sheets of parchment. We'll call it, Historiascriptorerumraptor. (History's Historian Raptor)

  6. If you could have a pen that looked like anything you wanted, what would you pick?

    Something that could morph in size, shape and appearance. xD Then I could pick up an invisible pen and write with it, or I could be plotting Russ's story with Russ's iconic pen!

  7. What fictional character depicts your current mood right now?

    Shallan, from The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. Why? Well, she seems to swap pretty regularly, so I'm sure one of her emotion's fits mine.

  8. What is the most ridiculous pen name that fits your personality?

    Probably something like, "Fueled by Chai."

  9. What is the funniest text you’ve received/written?

  10. If a dinosaur was roaming around your yard, what would you do?

    I probably wouldn't notice for the first little while, then wonder why Mum was screaming, then probably be 98% sure I was hallucinating. Although, what size is the dinosaur? That could change things a bit.

  11. Would you rather only be able to write one magnificent book every ten years, or one mediocre book every year?

    One magnificent book every ten years? Yeouch. That would be what I'd choose if that was the final product. If you're talking pre-draft, then I'd take one a year. But... I reckon I turn out 3-4 mediocre first drafts every year, so I have no clue. *sigh*

Questions answered! Eleven fun facts about me? Well. This could get random.

  1. I prefer to crack apples in half before eating them. Looks intimidating, plus, it makes it easier.
  2. Two out of the three of my favourite first drafts that I've written result in the narrating character dying. Sorry guys.
  3. I'm an INFP that school acquaintances think is an INTJ, friends think is an INTP, and close friends know is an INFP.
  4. 95% of adults have been asking me what I'm currently studying in uni since I was in year 10, and I still have very little desire to go to uni.
  5. I live on a cattle farm.
  6. I drink copious amounts of chai tea.
  7. I am known to make references to my own books, then get sad cos no-one gets them. (like leaving post-it-notes with 'GTG' when I leave a room or go on a long walk.)
  8. I have had my iPod for five years, and I am yet to smash the screen. It does not have a cover or a case.
  9. I do not own a phone.
  10. I tend to talk with my hands.
Hopefully, there are a few crazy things in there that you did not guess/already know.

Now, for anyone out there who wants to give this tag a go, here are some questions to answer.

  1. Favourite hot beverage?
  2. What are your top 5 prettiest book covers?
  3. Do you have a favourite book/movie troupe? What is it?
  4. What are your top 5 book quotes?
  5. Do you dislike something that EVERYONE seems to like? (Harry Potter, chocolate, just to name a few ideas.)
  6. Board games or card games?
  7. What is the main virtue that you wish you had more of?
  8. What is your favourite climate?
  9. What smells best: Old books, new books, second-hand books, in between books?
  10. Which of Aberdeen the Authorosaurus's questions do you most like?
  11. Answer that question.

That is all for that tag, and thank you once again, Aberdeen the Authorosaurus for tagging me. Not every day that you get tagged by a dinosaur. Also, I'm gonna say a kinda thank you to Eliza Leblanc for 'tagging' me in this too! (You left it open, so I'll take it as a tag.)

Anyone who wants to do this tag, go on ahead and let me know! Or, you could just answer some questions below. That works too. ;D (But honestly, what dinosaur species would you create? Have you had any crazy texts?)


  1. Haha, you're welcome for "tagging" you ;) And thanks so much for mentioning me! Loved your answers :-D

    1. You're welcome! I had to mention a fellow person who had fought through this dinosaur tag.
      Also, your blog isn't letting me comment. </3

    2. Hehe, yeah, it was tough XD. Hm! I'll have to look into that!

  2. Your answer to question four keeps cracking me up xD aLSO HOW DO YOU CRACK APPLES IN HALF? DO YOU ONLY USE YOUR HANDS?? That would be so cool. You'll have to show me how to do it next time you visit Janeiro ;D (Well okay you don't haaaave to, but still xD)

    I would really love to see a thesaurus dinosuar. That's been on my to-draw list ever since 2016 xD

    1. Yay! Love to amuse. xD
      Yeeeeup. Some apples are easier than others, but I shall be sure to show you at some point. *nodnod*

      Ooooh, nice. XD Have to send me the final product. :D

  3. Being tagged by a dinosaur looks fun! These tags often make me wish I had a blog. XD

    I love your Historiascriptorerumraptor, except I'd never remember how to spell its name. (I copy-pasted it. XD) I'd make a Plottosaurus. It'd do all my plotting for me. :P

    When I first met you, I thought you were an INFJ, so you can add that to the list of miss-guessed personality types too. XD And please do try not to murder too many of your dear characters. *peers at you nervously* I'm slightly afraid to read your books now. Not that I'm much better. *glances sadly at character graveyard*

    I don't have a phone or anything of the sort to text with, but my friend once threatened me with the ghosts of Yurgen and Smaug in a Google Doc chat box. That was an odd conversation. XD

    What do you have against chocolate??? XD


    1. Hahaha, it can be quite amusing, yes. One day you should get a blog. *nods*

      a Plottosaurus would be kinda useful...but then boring cos what about those hours you spend on train trips pouring over notebooks and scribbling ideas down and have everyone look at you like you're crazy?

      INFJ? That's new. *notes it down* at least no one has decided I'm an ESTJ yet. xD

      All of my murdered characters died well. They were the sort of deaths that if they didn't happen the story would have fallen flat because the theme wouldn't come through as well. (Hopefully the same goes for yours)

      Well. That's unusual. *nods*

      Chocolate is revolting. There we go. Easy said.

    2. Maybe this summer! *nods back*

      I'll admit, getting weird looks from people while you're sitting there with notebooks, random papers, and sticky notes sprawled all over is rather fun. But imagine all the fun you'd have on the train if you were dictating all your ideas to a dinosaur? That would definitely make everyone look at you like you're crazy.

      Yep, same here. There I go planning a "happily ever after" for my characters, and then the theme insists that I murder them. Good stories require sacrifices.

      Oh dear. I guess you feel the same about chocolate as I do about sweet pickles and squash. (Oh the horror of thinking you've gotten nice crispy dill pickles, only to take a bite and realize they're nasty, sickeningly sweet, and limp. Now that's revolting.) XD

    This post made me laugh. XD Cracking apples in half...XD

    1. THERE ARE THREE OF US! (Steward, MEM, and my crazy self.)

      Yay! Always happy to be able to make you laugh!

      Yessss, tis a good skill to have. Casually split them in front of a group of people and watch their faces. But make sure you stay very casual. Just act like it isn't a big deal. (bonus points if they ask and you act shocked, like, "AHAHA. Forget that you saw that.") xD

  5. This was hilarious! I just came upon your blog, and I'm loving it so far. :D

    Lilian |

    1. Eyyy, glad to be a source of humour! And thanks so much for reading and commenting!