Monday, 8 February 2016

Oh... I've been Tagged with Infinite Dreams...

I just realised how few blog posts I've been doing. I am soo sorry! I keep doing it. But I've just started at a new school, half moved in to board in town and gotten a teacher that speaks Sindarin ( for those unelvish people, that's elvish!) He addressed the class by saying, "Ai!" (Hail!) I replied in kind. He is such a cool teacher! He started talking to me in the language and then I realised why it didn't sound quite right. I know Quenya elvish. Oh well... he's still cool.
Josie W, a friend of mine, came Black Berrying with my family on the weekend and we picked the most berries! Mostly because we were lowering me INTO the bushes. I got really torn up...
Now, as you read in the title (if you read the title:D) I have been tagged by my lovely cousin Jayne... sorry Jain, I mean Gaen, I mean Jane. :) OK, to the post!


1. Use the Infinity Dreams Award picture
2. Thank the blogger who tagged you
3. Tell us 11 facts about yourself
4. Answer the 11 questions
5. Tag 11 as many as you desire of bloggers
6. Ignore the rules that I invented if you wish to do so

There was no rule to say you couldn't change the rules...

He he, I should probably start. 
Thanks Jane!


1 I like music
2 According to four different online quizzes I'm an elf
3 I'm severely claustrophobic
4 I'm completely insane. (as in, I'm seriously considering to request Granny to bring back some of Uncle Paul's Rocket Fuel)
5 I'm learning Quenya Elvish
6 I have eight cousins
7 I dislike sweet, artificial, or processed food.
8 My middle name, Ann, is spelt WITHOUT an 'e' !
9 I love writing
10 I love reading even more
11 I have taken 2 hours and 27 minutes to do all of this so far.
NOTE: I deleted half of it at one point.

ELEVEN QUESTIONS (why is it always 11!)

Are you guilty of hitting anyone uncommonly hard over the head?
That is a broad question. I guess I have some hard headed friends/cousins who my think my hitting is hard... I guess you could say that I'm mildly guilty.

A calorimeter holds 175.0 grams of water at an initial temperature of 25.3 °C. A 54.3 g piece of metal at 100.0 °C is dropped into the calorimeter, and the final temperature of the water is 27.1 °C. What is the specific heat of the metal? (*Evil laughs*) (How do you like the sound of Chemistry?)
Hmm, I'd assume that the piece of metal was taken to 98.2 degrees Celsius. And I don't overly like Chemistry.

What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought/are saving up to buy?
$300 Silky chikens, one of which I believe is slowly dying (Never call a rooster Malfoy!)

Have you ever injured yourself in a really silly way?
Sorry, but is it possibly to injure yourself in a serious way? Yes. Do I have to elaborate? Ok, I guess I will. At a youth camp, we were playing beach rugby. This involves all of the normal tackle rugby rules, but knee deep in water. Well, I made the mistake of picking up the ball, and running with it. About seven people tackled me, but I managed to pass the ball to a team mate. But then they fell on top of my head, and, knocked me out. I'm not sure what happened, but all of a sudden I was on the shore having CPR. I wasn't sure what the fuss was about, I don't remember anything!

 Do you have some specific aim for the future?
To survive.

What's a movie you really like?
The Guardian of the Energy Crystal.

What's a book that you've dreamed about?
The Silmarillion. I always die in my dreams.

If you woke up in the middle of the night to someone blowing a party blower in your ear, who would you immediately suspect?
Jane Farrelly, Emily Nancarrow, or (unreasonably) Callum Allenson.

What would be your revenge?
That need not be told.

10 If I allowed you a single trip in my TARDIS ('cause it's a well known fact that I'm secretly a Time Lord), where would you want to go? Or more importantly, when?
1 Your not being very secretive if it is a well known fact.
2 That's a big if
3 I'd go to where I am now as that is when I'm meant to be and one can't change the past without mucking up the future. I'm sure God's got it in control, and I'd rather not be near a Time Lord as they seem to attract evil things.

11 What's it like to have a crazy cousin like me?
Nátyë necindo!

Hmm, who to tag... I know! Clare!

Your questions,

1 Do you get sea-sick?
2 Do you have a phobia?
3 Have you ever had a weird dream?
4 If so, what was it?
5 What would you do if you ate something and then discovered that it was poisonous?
6 What are the three most important items in your life. (Not including family, friends or Bible.)
7 Name 3 good books.
8 Name 1 good movie
9 Do you have a favorite word?
10 If so, what is it?
11 Can you answer all of these questions with a minimum of 2000 words?

Good Luck!