Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Sonnet of Sickness

Well, you may have guessed by the title that I'm sick.
I hate being sick.
The only thing worse than being sick is not being able to walk while being sick.
I can't walk either.
It sucks, really badly.
As in, I'm sooo bored. And I can't talk. Or walk. So, never mock sickness people! It is TERRIBLE!!!!!

So, to my sickness I was inspired to write a poem, and as I have not said anything on this for a fair while... I figured you may all think I was dead, not that I'm too far off it. Anyway, onto the poetry!

A Sonnet to Sickness

When in my life things are going too well,
My dear friend sickness must interfere.
Alike the call of Death I hear your bell,
The fever, tiredness, nausea nears.
Closer and closer it stalks to its prey,
Savoring the moment of victory.
Through the immune system it finds its way,
And gloats over me in twisted glory.
It inflicts such pain, such disease, such grief,
Never again shall I gain a night's rest,
"Weaker the less time they sleep,"is its belief,
And of good tactics it must be the best.
Alas, illness, please leave me to be!
Not once again shall you take hold of me!

Hmm, not brilliant, but is it any better than the Path Through the Trees poetry? I really hope it is.