Thursday, 11 January 2018

Spice Up Your Characters... And Have a Cuppa While You're at it.


Raise your hand if you've suffered as a writer with cold cups of tea or coffee? *Smiles sadly at all of the raised hands* Well I have a solution for you! Add some chilli or Cayenne Pepper to your tea while you brew it. Then even after a few hours, it still has heat!

(Nope, I'm not joking, I've been doing this for the past few days and it's really nice!)

~Spice Up Your Character... And Have a Cuppa While You're at It.~

Eh, aaaaanyways.

Last week I did a post that mentioned ways of giving your characters some more depth. Added quirks. Now, for next Camp NaNo, (shush, I know it isn't for ages but year 11 won't give me time to do prep during school!) I'll be re-writing the Survivor Trilogy. And turning it into a standalone book of about 80k. But it has sooooo much more plot and theme and character developments and, and, AUGH! It's just heaps better.

I also have a character who is an Experiment. She has a few 'blights' due to the government trying to create a world of superhumans, the everyday people. But to work this out, they do tests on people. Ashley was a failed test and has a few, 'blights'.

I've found that these are interesting to work with. For one, she's stuck in her fourteen year old form. She is also colour blind and has an unexplainable fear of water.

Giving characters 'blights' can be interesting. [Please note that I do not think badly in anyone who has what I am for the sake of this post, calling a 'blight.'] Everyone has something about them which people think is unusual. And it makes for some interesting problems.

So, what if you do something like this to your character?

Here is my Inspiration for you today...

"Colour... I miss seeing it."

Any ideas? Happy writing!


  1. Ooh yes. I must say I really like this new Survior now-only-one-book idea. *nodnod* It sounds very good.

  2. That's an interesting idea for cups of tea or coffee. *nods* I may try that...XD That is a great inspiration!!! I may use that in my super-hero novella I'm planning. :-D Your character sounds so cool!

    1. Yes! It is actually really good! Means you always can enjoy a hot cup of tea.
      Yay! I'm glad you liked it. And a Superhero novella? Cool! I like this.
      Aww, thanks! She's way more interesting than she was before.
      Thanks again for commenting MEM!