Thursday, 12 April 2018

A Camp NaNo Post


Is it just me, or did Camp NaNo totally sneak up on us this year?

Anyways, despite it coming really suddenly, I’ve been kinda keeping up with my goals so far, and it has been super fun to write!

This will be a reasonably shot post seeing that I’ll have to keep writing, so I had better get started.

What is It?

So, for this Camp NaNo, I am in the awesome cabin of The Fellowship of the Keyboards and we have been talking about all sorts of things since…well, long before April.

I’m working on my rewrite of the Survivor Trilogy and am turning it into ONE BOOK as I said back in January called Eyes of the Future. 

Long Back of Book Blurb/ Short Synopsis Without Spoilers

In a world where science reigns, and the society relies on the advancement of human abilities in order to keep moving forwards, genetic modification turns into a political war. People are taken in as ‘Experiments’ and are used to test new ways to advance society. Failed Experiments are treated as creatures less than humans and are cast out from society.

It has been five years since Michael Rentson used the new discovery of teleportation to lead an army across the entire world and conquering it under his reign. The increased security and seemingly magical technology tames the world who are all ready to listen to their new leader whose first action is to legalise the use of Experiments.

One Experiment is slightly unusual. Connor Daleson is the son of one of the world’s leading scientists, Regina Daleson who had accidentally turned her other son into a failed Experiment and left him mindless. The grief-ridden woman spends all of her waking hours trying to find a way to fix her eldest son…or replace him.

Connor spends his days in military training, and making sure that no one finds out his secret of being an Experiment. Upon returning home one day, his mother injects him with a fluid that altered his atoms so that he could travel through the dimensions.

Being chased by Rentson’s men who want his blood and therefore the ability to conquer all of the dimensions, Connor and his sister Laura join with a young Experiment girl called Ashley to protect the dimensions, and to find the truth of the price of human freedom.

A Pretty Collage

Stats Graph

I’ve only just been keeping up at the moment, going over or under each day by about 100 words (sometimes more). Unfortunately I have been falling behind a bit. D: But woot! Look at our cabin! Good job guys!

Some fun Camp NaNo Stats for my first twelve days…

First Line: I have to trust him.

Most Words Written in a Day: 3 147

Words Written: 15 008

Number of Word Wars: 18

Earliest Woken to Write: 4:30 am

Cups of Chai: 37

Most Insane Story Research: Food of the Future

Last Line: “Well, I don’t like ducks then.”

A Snippet

This one is the end of my prologue from the POV of smol Ryan Sands. (Apologies for the first-draftiness.)

I force my gaze past the woman to the figure slumped on the chair. Sandy hair, tanned skin, and beneath the tightly shut eyelids, there would have been dark brown eyes that had held more compassion than what I had ever seen before in my life. I stumble a step away from the sight, bile rising in my mouth as his words return to echo in my mind:

“Not anymore. I can stop her now. Daleson isn’t completely heartless.” 

I squeeze my eyes shut and force myself to sit down, my back pressing against the cool of the wall. Breaths saw through my chest and my heart thuds deafeningly in my ears. The woman in the room had her back facing me, but I still can tell who it was. Calm blue eyes, hands with no hint of the calluses that come from hard and honest work, and a permanently dazed look of one who has more intelligence than compassion.

My eyelids slip open and I raise my wrist in front of my eyes to see the red words etched there permanently. All that is left of me according to any of the normal humans.

Daleson Experiment: 2

I hunch over my knees as the yelling starts as Dan’s siblings must have found him. The sound of breaking people sweeps over me. I turn my head to look at the slightly reflective metal behind me where the pain is coming from and blink back tears as the image of a pale faced teenage boy with irises that matched his skin blurs.

If I am Irene Daleson’s second Experiment, then was her son the first?

Well, there’s a bit about my story. What about you guys? Anything interesting there? Enjoying Camp so far? I love to chat!


  1. I think I remember you working on this story last July. Wow - turning the trilogy into one book?!

    I love your snippet <3


    1. YAS! I was, but it turned out to be pretty awful so...yeah. And turning it into the one book seems to be working so that's good. :P
      Aww thanks!

  2. Yessss, nice collage. And I do quite like that snippet. *nodnod* Very intriguing.

  3. OH MY WORD I LOVE YOUR STORY IDEA!!! That sounds awesome!!! I hope you had a ton of fun in Camp Nano this year!!! Also, nice collage!
    (Sorry I haven't been on your blog in a while: we are moving and it's been insane. :-Z)

    1. EEEEP! So glad you like it MEM! *flails* I did enjoy Camp NaNo very muchly.
      (Nah, that's fine. I'm just happy that you live!)