Saturday, 15 September 2018

Inspiration's Origin

I’ve decided that today calls for a prompt. After all, prompts are useful, fun, and can result in entire stories born.

Or more often, (in my case at least) hours wasted getting distracted by interesting writing prompts that have nothing to do with me needing inspiration, and everything to do with being highly distracted on Pinterest…Oh well. :D

Despite what I was just saying about getting highly distracted by prompts, they have been good to me in the past. Here are a couple that ended up sparking ideas…

This one resulted in the actual plot for what will hopefully be my next NaNo Novel… (Shall tell you more closer to the time)

I haven’t talked much about the story for this one, but Immortal Hero came directly from this little prompt, and it was lots of fun to write. Hoooopefully I’ll get around to rewriting it someday.

Last, but not least, is the one for my rather morally grey character, who is yet to be put in a definite story. Really want to include him somewhere, but we shall see. *pats him sadly*

Sadly, for every one of that I use, there are proooobably a good 15 that are just distractions. :P But hey, keeps the imagination going.

Now for the prompt of my own creation that I wish to give to you today…

Have you come across any decent prompts lately? How do you get your story ideas?


  1. Ooh I like it! Nice prompts.

    My story ideas are usually sparked by photos/pictures or 'what if' questions.

    1. Yes. Those are the best for ideas. Then again, they all seem to come differently each time.

  2. Great... now I have four new plot bunnies bounding around my head. :P


  3. OOH, YOUR STORY IS SOUNDING VERY COOL. And I loved that prompt!!!