Saturday, 1 August 2015

Path Through the Trees 5

Sorry that it has been so long, but I've been quite busy with Operation Christmas Child preparation. I hope that these mere five stanza's will do!
The Path Through the trees
In theory her plan was great,
But as she had been disarmed,
She couldn't really fight.
And by her tongue they weren't charmed.
Lyd was tossed on the slave ship,
Twas the same one as Annette,
Hence they met each other,
So then their friendship was set.
Annette had had just enough,
Once they reached Denilvel,
And in all foolishness,
Twas then she chose to rebel.
Even though she tried her best,
She had her limitations,
Yet though the fight was close,
She feared the palpitations.
But Lydia chose to think,
And achieved much more success,
Than Annette's so called plan,
Therefor Lydia could rest.
By Jessica Penrose
By the way, does anyone know what  'pax vobiscum' means? And if you do know, please tell me.


  1. Pax vobiscum means "peace to you" in Latin. I would have suggested talking to a friend of mine, but I know this one. (Don't ask me how).

    P.S Bonus points if you can figure out who I am.

    A riddle hint to help you as you seem into them:

    A son of Gérard
    Idelette his wife
    Of a reformed religion
    The namesake for life

    A bit obscure perhaps and it only gets you halfway, but as I wrote it myself, I take full responsibility for any and all confusion. Personally, I recommend a google search if you cannot figure this one out.

  2. I predict Calvin as you know Josh. Plus, this sounds like you not Bethany.