Thursday, 26 November 2015

Path Through the Trees, Kind of...

If you are wondering about the title stop wondering. You will see what I mean in a moment!

The Path Through the Trees

A thief from Molasala,
And an orphan from Cosraen.
Unlikely to be friends,
Until the slave traders came.

Lydia, her parents died,
 In a shipwreck tragedy.
She didn't understand,
At the tender age of three.

Annette, her parents died too,
Died for the Emperor.
She was left with only,
Her twin sister, Ravanor.

Lydia left for a stroll,
She also looked for a deer,
But when she sighted one,
Screams had filled her heart with fear.

Running down the mountain,
She was fearing for the worst,
And saw her kind Uncle
Hurt, so she jumped in headfirst.
Her dear Uncle was killed,

Twas for Lydia he bled.
Poor Lyd had a breakdown,
And then was hit on her head

It wasn't much earlier,
When Annette climbed a stone wall,
But then she was startled,
And had a very long fall.

Now as a future slave,
She came up with a good plan,
She would escape this ship,
Before one could yell out 'Ann!'

In theory her plan was great,
But as she had been disarmed,
She couldn't really fight.
And by her tongue they weren't charmed.

Lyd was tossed on the slave ship,
Twas the same one as Annette,
Hence they met each other,
So then their friendship was set.

Annette had had just enough,
Once they reached Denilvel,
And in all foolishness,
Twas then she chose to rebel.

Even though she tried her best,
She had her limitations,
Yet though the fight was close,
She feared the palpitations.

But Lydia chose to think,
And achieved much more success,
Than Annette's so called plan,
Therefore Lydia could rest.

Alone Lyd took done two guards
Then slipped into the darkness,
To the countryside, 
And hid from all eye's sharpness.

Once more she began plotting
This time, this time how to free Annette,
But she needed weapons,
On that goal she was dead set.

She slipped into the cover,
Of the ship for the first time,
And then she slipped aboard,
And found her weapons, 'mongst slime!

When Lydia looked to find
The Ajonnhe thief with'out pains
She chose pick the lock
Not randomly hack at chains

Quite soon Lydia realised,
The thief was not a feather,
So as to break her out,
The guard she had to tether.

When she made it to the camp,
She briefly became a nurse,
She left the slash alone,
As to not make it much worse.

When the girl did come around,
Annette said 'Iya Sahkan'
As Lyd was no linguist,
And she didn't understand.

Annette realised her mistake,
By the eyebrow that was raised.
She quickly changed her speech,
But she was not at all fazed.

Lydia, upon request
Rescued Annette's many knives,
Along with her longbow,
With arrows in twos and fives.

Later while they were were walking
Lyd felt the urge to go hunt
She borrowed Annette's bow
And the arrows that weren't blunt.

Soon, she found some guinea fowl,
They were roosting, looked like fluff,
When she loosed her first shot,
She realised she had no cuff.

As the bowstring slapped her arm,
She let out a startled yelp,
And in her fury killed,
Her prey with a rock, no help.

Upon her return to camp,
She plucked the paltry poultry.
Annette, after a walk,
Came and said, "Shoulda told me!"

They journeyed up the river,
And Annette questioned a man.
And gained a great result,
She had obtained a road plan!

Heading to a nearby town,
They played games with a crossbow,
And therefore saved Annette,
Therefore caused herself great woe.

For Annette, she liked to talk
And, yes, she did talk a lot.
And when they reached an inn,
She quickly paid for a cot.

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  1. Oh Jessica, I just love this. It's so funny, and the way you put things makes it seem so crazy, I can just imagine you and I walking along and acting out that whole thing! :D