Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Path Through The Trees

Hello! Guess what? It's RAINING!
Now, poetry.

The Path Through The Trees

Upon her return to camp,
She plucked the paltry poultry.
Annette, after a walk,
Came and said, "Shoulda told me!"

They journeyed up the river,
And Annette questioned a man.
And gained a great result,
She had obtained a road plan!

He he... sorry for the failure in poetry. It could have been worse. Look at the comment!


  1. Oh, Jessica, I must say, it is quite as funny as the Heron's sagas. I guess I'm probably the only one who appreciates these...but they're funny. :D

    1. I thank you greatly. For your information, I discovered a girl at school who has been reading this regularly. She has only just realised that it's me!