Thursday, 16 November 2017

Magical Mayhem


The week has been interesting. Let’s just say that.

I mean, it isn’t everyday that you can say you have painted mosquitoes getting married.

Or poured out the blood of your enemies upon the ground.

Or had a friend escort your dying self back from a hayshed.

Or sat and smelt old books for about an hour while listening to Colin Buchanan and teaching Indonesian to a friend. (Nevermind, I do that every day. xP)

Anyways, I had a fun weekend with Larissa. She’s an awesome friend of mine who is an aspiring artist and writer, as well as having a passion for God and a heart for India. She came over on the weekend and we had a whole heap of fun.

Aaaaaand, there is something else veeeery exciting. *Nods* Nadine Brands has revealed her cover for her new book, Fawks. AND IT LOOKS SO EPIC! Look here at Jane's blog to see it for yourself if you haven't. (Look at it if you have as well, just cos it is so awesome!!!)

But anyways. Amidst all of this, I did get some writing done! Yay! So, onwards to the post!

Magical creatures and plants have played a large role in My NaNoWriMo Novel, Chosen by Fire, so far. I mean, I’ve had Anrail trees,(When burnt they release a gas that prevents pain and often induces sleep) Lieliten flowers,(They explode, fun times!) esorays (Similar to a goanna) and maltacs (Birds that are attracted to fire and could rip you into little pieces). So yes, I have been having some fun with these shreds of magic in nature.

Raise your hand if you have read the Wingfeather Saga? *raises hand* Keep your hand up if you loved the fact that it had Toothy Cows, Fangs of Dang and Rockroaches? *Keeps hand up* *Surveys the countless number of hands* Well. Fascinating. I think you guys actually like the fact that this fantasy had creatures in it that are not just dragons, fairies, and other normal mythical creatures. You actually seem to like these unique ones.

Maybe you should be writing them.

“But I don’t have any ideas!”

Nope. If you have no ideas, well, do you have little siblings? Or just any little kids in general?

A little while back, my little cousin, Ann, gave Jane beautiful artwork with a collection of “One Eyed Splooges.” She made them up. She drew them. And guess what? She made herself her own fantasy creature. Can you draw Inspiration off that? Or off some other hilarious thing that some little cute kiddo has created? Because ideas are so ready and exciting in a little kid’s mind. They are always imagining. *Realises that that hasn’t ended for me yet* Well, I guess I am still a little kid then.

Go fishing for that crazy imagination that you have. Create something aside from dragons and talking horses. (Don’t get me wrong though, I love dragons and talking horses.)

So, now onto my Inspiration for you guys… 

Yay! You feel Inspired by the randomness? Anyone? I love to chat!


  1. *chokes* WHA??? Painted mosquitos getting married? :-O XD That startled me!:-D
    *raises hand* I just finished the first book in the Wingfeather saga!!! I can't wait to get the next one! XD *keeps hand up*
    Aw, one eyed splooges! I love it!!! XD I also love your inspiration. *thumbs up*
    How's Nano going for you today? :-)

    1. Hahaha. It was for a wedding.
      Yay! They are soooooooo cool aren't they?
      I knooow! It was cute, and thanks!
      NaNoing has been interesting lately due to a looming wedding in the family, but, still going strong!

  2. "Or poured out the blood of your enemies upon the ground. Or had a friend escort your dying self back from a hayshed."
    I am concerned.
    What have you been doing.

    But oh my woooord, that prompt is making me giggle. XD

    1. Don't worry. *waves a hand about vaguely* It was all fine.
      Yaaay!!! It was fun to write!

  3. Drowned by a pink glowing sheep huh? That's sounds like a pooka to me.

    I have a few races of magical creatures running around, but they absolutely refuse to be penned up. *sigh*


    1. Hmmm, indeed it is an unusual one.

      Let them run! Who wants to be caged up anyway?

      Thanks for reading!!!