Monday, 11 December 2017

Inspiring Myths


Sorry guys for me failing at posting last Thursday! And I'm really sorry, as my pretty images aren't working, so you will have to live until I can update this on something more advanced than an iPod.

Christmas is coming now that NaNo is over! Not sure about everyone else, but our family are very Christmasy at the moment, and are loving the excuse to be listening to music about The Light coming into the world.

Aside from all of the awesome Christmas things, I have been doing more of the history of Miritain and the Mythology.

Since there is a prophecy, there must have been a story behind it, and so I have been working on that.

One of the things I had been worrying about when I started doing it, was that I wouldn't be able to make it connected and realistic to the actual story. But the more I have written, the more perfectly it fits together; from names to events.

Not only that, but I have had more of a chance to look more into the Remnants and other awesome creatures like a Rehtora which is an eagle that can turn into a deer. My main figure in the history of Miritain is Glayde, and he has a pet Rehtora called Travier. (Also important to the story).

The main thing I want to tell you guys is that the myths can be woven into a story later without feeling tacked on. Make sure that it is realistic, and, often it is cool to have people named after some of the prominent figures like they are today. I have one of my characters in Chosen by Fire called Travier, named after Glayde’s pet Rehtora.

Now, I feel in an excerpty mood, so, I will toss in a few snippets!

I'm not the real villain.

The newspaper crunches in my tightening fist and I fling it at the stone wall opposite to the one I lean on. Maybe I am no villain, but the community certainly feels like painting it that way. My fingers creep up to my neck to rub the stone that hangs there on its fine chain. My last memory of her, and the most condemning evidence against my case. Her tears fill my vision, soon morphing into the desperation on Hazac’s face. “I’m sorry Daria.” My mouth moves and still no words escape.

They never can.


Travier swoops down to my shoulder with a piercing cry,  as my feet thud over the pavement. She can't get us now. We're so close.

The Rehtora leaps to the ground and his features alter as he hops along; each jerking hop turning 
into a graceful bound. Soon a fully grown stag runs along beside me. I plant my hands on his back and vault up. “Good boy Travier, let’s get out of here.” He tosses his head and gallops faster.

I crane my head to look over my shoulder. No one can catch me. No one can find the Remnant Hunter, Eagle Archer, Magic Tamer.

I am Glayde.

There you are! Some of the excerpts from the legends of Miritain’s past.

And now for the Inspiration.

"I am Real."

You got any cool myths and stories? I love to chat!


  1. Oooh, I love those snippets! I love mythology, though I don't have any to share off the top of my head from my stories. :-Z I haven't really tackled fantasy in a while.

    1. Yay! So glad you liked them MEM!
      Myths can be a lot of fun. I think that they really help with world building and making a successful and realistic past for your world.
      Fantasy is so much fun. You should give it another shot.
      Thanks for commenting!