Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Music is Magic


*coughs* Sooooo, my blog post was never published last week, and I’m afraid that I have to confess that they could be very sporadic from now on due to school, and life in general. But anyways, I should move onto actually giving you a post!

Music is epic. How is it that sounds can have emotions and tell a story? How is it that so many different countries have their own types of music and find them beautiful, but they’re all so different? I honestly don’t get it. I spend waaaay too long contemplating this along with many other things. But this much I do know: 

Music is Magical. 

Not magical as in it literally performs magic, but magical as in it can do things that our minds cannot explain or understand. We can say we understand them, but really, we don’t. (Apologies if I am wrong somehow here…but I am pretty sure I’m not.) 

Sounds that create emotions? Yes, it is to do with chemicals, but that’s more of a definition as to what emotions are, not how they are made. When we listen to music, it can change our emotions. Hence we call sad music, ‘sad.’ At least, I assume the music isn’t really upset or anything. xD

A few friends and I have been doing something called a ‘music exchange.’ Basically, it’s where someone sends an email saying ‘shout out’ and we all reply with a link of whatever music we were listening to at the time of the email. It’s been really interesting to listen to new music, and if you have good and clean friends, should be safe. So, that’s something that I will suggest for all of you guys, just randomly. 

Anyways, I loooove listening to music, particularly when writing. It just makes everything become very epic, and even easier to visualise. My latest obsession has come along with my latest obsession in reading which is… *drumroll please* The Way of Kings! Yes. The book has a soundtrack. 'Kaladin' by The Black Piper. SO MUCH EPICNESS! 

It’s very epic and fits the book perfectly. I absolutely love it to pieces and it fits, not only with the book, but just with general epicness for reading anything, and writing anything. (Provided that it’s epic!) Here’s a link to one of their epic songs, and you should seriously go and look at the rest. 

And not only that, but this piece is your prompt. Write something that is inspired by this epic piece.

Well, that’s me over and out, so now you go! Write! Have you got any interesting pieces or themes that you write to? Any other music-y stuff? And how epic is the Kaladin Soundtrack?


  1. Ooh, music!!! I love writing to the music by TSfH, Lindsey Stirling, Thomas Bergensen, and John Dreamer. I'm going to listen to that soundtrack you posted right now! It looks awesome! XD

    1. Ooooh, yes! I love all of those! Have you listened to much Taylor Davis or Antti Martikainen? And yessss, all of the Kaladin soundtrack is awesome. *nodnod* You definitely must listen to it.

    2. I LOVED the soundtrack!!! XD Yes, I have listened to Taylor Davis; her music is amazing. :-D