Tuesday, 16 June 2015


The Brumbies

If it is adventure that you seek,
Then turn your gaze to the mountain peek.
There they are, wild and free,
The herd of the famous brumbies.
Galloping through water and snow,
On and on and on they go!
Tireless, unlimited, they shall not die,
As over the mountain ranges they fly.
Whinnying to each other, they seem to sing,
Now calling to the Stallion, who is their King.
The beauty of them seems to linger,
Throughout the bush and in all its timber.
If I was off this road I'm on,
How I would dance beneath the sun!
I'd be somewhere, where I could run free,
I'd love to run, with the wild brumbies.
By Jessica Penrose age 13 

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