Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Path Through the Trees Update

Sorry once more for being so late with this. I wrote this up this morning, so, sorry if it leaves a lot to be desired.
The Path Through the Trees 2
Lydia left for a hunt,
She was hunting for a deer,
But when she sighted one,
Smoke had filled her heart with fear.
Running down the mountain,
She was fearing for the worst,
And saw her kind Uncle
Hurt, so she jumped in headfirst.
Her dear Uncle was killed,
Twas for Lydia he bled.
Poor Lyd had a breakdown,
And then was hit on her head
By Jessica Penrose age 13
Hope this was good enough. Sorry if it wasn't.                                       


  1. Quite good really, you're doing quite well considering you've only got an old version of Lydia's story. Nowadays it's Lydia's Uncle not her grandfather...but I've only changed that recently.

    Can I just say, Deer and Air definitely don't rhyme...You'd make a good Skandian... :D

    1. Name something that rhymes with deer and fits, before you call me a Skandian! Although, it would be awkward if you could...

    2. Fear rhymes with could say 'Smoke filled her heart with fear'... maybe? I really don't know

    3. Are you telepathic!!? That is exactly what I had intended to change it to. After all, it had the wrong rhythm to begin with anyway.