Thursday, 25 January 2018

Inspirational Friends


Today's post will be, well, random, and I shall give you a bit of background story...

After a reasonably tiring day of saving Australia from certain destruction, (I deal with the rest of the world on Mondays. :P) I came back home to relax. Then, it dawned upon me.

Blog Post Day.

Frantic, I asked some friends to say something random, hoping to glean some Inspiration from them. The responses were as follows:

"Something random."

"Penguins have knees."

"Tubas can make weird sounds sometimes."

"What if the sky was yellow?"


So, as you can see I have very useful and Inspirational friends. Thanks guys!

Erhem, so, I sat down to write my post. And realised that maybe all they said wasn't that useless. Maybe it could be used in writing. Not the words themselves, but the huge range of answers. Thinking a bit back on what has randomly been my latest tangent (characters) this also fits weirdly well.

There are a few different things that are worth thinking about...

1. How does your character view a question?
2. Do they give a sarcastic come back?
3. Are they suspicious?
4. Do they answer vaguely?
5. Do they reveal much about their past?
6. Do they think hard about the question, or just go off the top of their head?

Just asking the same question to different characters and analysing their responses should give you a fair idea if your characters are all the same. You don't actually want every character to be sarcastic more often than serious. It actually takes away from the characters. (I know, I know. Shocking, right? xP)

So, I suppose my prompt is pretty obvious. Ask your characters a few questions and see how they answer them. Oh, and remember that friends can also have some good ideas or traits to go off.

Say something random below! Or just chat. That's cool too. :P (Sorry for the shortness guys! Saving Australia is pretty tiring...)


  1. Elephants climbing trees.
    That is my 'something random.' xP

    Great post! Very good points too. Even just small details like that can help discover more about the character's personality as a whole.

    1. Oooooh, nice randomness!

      Glad you liked it and yes, small details really do help the characters become just that little bit deeper.

      Thanks again for commenting!

  2. I honestly can't think of something random!!! Oh, wait; how about green sand. XD Those were hilarious things that your friends came up with. :-D
    I like that! How do characters view a question. That's cool! :-D
    Whom did you save Australia from? 'Cause since I'm a evil mastermind and all I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't from my henchdragons that you were saving your homeland from...if it was, they and I are going to have a chat. XD

    1. Hahaha, green sand is pretty random, yup!
      I have some hilarious and random friends. That's the best kind right?
      I know! It's really cool looking about at people and watching their reactions, then trying to see what your characters would do or say. Lots of fun!
      Erhem. That would be highly confidential information. *nods seriously* I'm afraid I cannot say who was trying to destroy Australia.
      Thanks for commenting MEM!