Sunday, 21 June 2015

Poetry for Jane

            This one is about the story that you received an exert from. My cousin, Jane, who paired with me,  has been writing it, recommended it as a poem theme. So, I've decided to deliver it slowly, a few stanzas per week until I reach the end. Sorry about there not being much on Lydia, but I honestly don't know much of what is going on in her side of the story. She's a most mysterious character at some points. If anyone could please recommend a title for this saga-like-poem, I would be highly grateful. I apologise in advance for the terrible rhyming in some areas, but, if you've read the sagas in John Flanagan's Brotherband series, you would not find this attempt of a poem too horrendous. Although, they had intentionally bad rhyming...

A thief from Molasala,
And an orphan from Cosraen.
Unlikely to be friends,
Until the slave traders came.
Lydia, her parents died,
 In a shipwreck tragedy.
She didn't understand,
At the tender age of three.
Annette, her parents died too,
Died for the Emperor.
She was left with only,
Her twin sister, Ravanor.
I never realised how sad this book starts before. It should cheer up a bit soon. Mayhap not within the next two verses but it will be brighter eventually, not much though. Its original name was The Story of Trials for a reason.


  1. Yes... John Flanagan's poetry is terribly bad... For those who may not have read any of John Flanagan's books (well go do so at this moment). but here is some of his poetry........ I mean

    My Ranger Gilan has to go and hunt down some assassins
    so go along with him and give these wicked types a thrashin.
    A pirate galley barred our way. We quickly overtook 'em
    And Ingvar lead the charge to stab and chop and hook 'em
    We beat the Tualaghi and Scorpians as well
    The ranger stuck his sax into their leader, the shurmel.
    Then the assassins threw a fit of wild hysterics,
    Hal grabbed up the Shurmel's staff and brought it back for Erack.

    ..... yes I shudder along with Hal as it is finished...

  2. Cosraen! That's what the place is called! Oh thank you Jessica! Sorry...I'd just forgotten the name of the country. It was really annoying me!

    Oh, by the way, I like the the poem. I'm not sure that Emperor and Ravanor quite rhyme though. As for a name, I guess you could call it...The Path Through the Trees...or 'The legend of Annette of Hidden Knowledge', or something like that.